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HXB2 Location Env Env Epitope Map
Author Location gp120( IIIB)
Ab Type  
Species (Isotype) mouse(IgM)
Immunogen vaccine
Keywords antibody generation, antibody sequence, autoantibody or autoimmunity, binding affinity, vaccine antigen design

Vaccine Details

Vaccine type chimeric GM-CSF
Vaccine strain B clade IIIB
Vaccine component gp120


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Isolation Paper
delReal1999 G. del Real, M. Llorente, P. Lucas, L. Kremer, J. L. Toran, and Martinez-A C. Antibody Repertoire against HIV-1 gp120 Triggered in Nude and Normal Mice by GM-CSF/gp120 Immunization. Mol. Immunol., 36:721-731, 1999. PubMed ID: 10593511. Show all entries for this paper.

Tokatlian2018 Talar Tokatlian, Daniel W. Kulp, Andrew A. Mutafyan, Christopher A. Jones, Sergey Menis, Erik Georgeson, Mike Kubitz, Michael H. Zhang, Mariane B. Melo, Murillo Silva, Dong Soo Yun, William R. Schief, and Darrell J. Irvine. Enhancing Humoral Responses Against HIV Envelope Trimers via Nanoparticle Delivery with Stabilized Synthetic Liposomes. Sci. Rep., 8(1):16527, 8 Nov 2018. PubMed ID: 30410003. Show all entries for this paper.

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