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MAb ID NC37 (354NC37)
HXB2 Location Env Env Epitope Map
Author Location gp160
Subtype B
Ab Type quaternary structure
Neutralizing P (tier 2)  View neutralization details
Species (Isotype) human(IgG)
Patient EB354
Immunogen HIV-1 infection
Keywords antibody generation, immunotherapy, neutralization, structure


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Isolation Paper
Freund2017 Natalia T. Freund, Haoqing Wang, Louise Scharf, Lilian Nogueira, Joshua A. Horwitz, Yotam Bar-On, Jovana Golijanin, Stuart A. Sievers, Devin Sok, Hui Cai, Julio C. Cesar Lorenzi, Ariel Halper-Stromberg, Ildiko Toth, Alicja Piechocka-Trocha, Harry B. Gristick, Marit J. van Gils, Rogier W. Sanders, Lai-Xi Wang, Michael S. Seaman, Dennis R. Burton, Anna Gazumyan, Bruce D. Walker, Anthony P. West, Jr., Pamela J. Bjorkman, and Michel C. Nussenzweig. Coexistence of Potent HIV-1 Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies and Antibody-Sensitive Viruses in a Viremic Controller. Sci. Transl. Med., 9(373), 18 Jan 2017. PubMed ID: 28100831. Show all entries for this paper.

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