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Author Location  
Subtype B, CRF01_AE
Ab Type gp120
Neutralizing L
Species (Isotype) human(IgG1)
Immunogen vaccine
Country Thailand
Keywords antibody binding site, antibody generation, antibody polyreactivity, vaccine-induced immune responses


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Isolation Paper
Montefiori2012 David C. Montefiori, Chitraporn Karnasuta, Ying Huang, Hasan Ahmed, Peter Gilbert, Mark S. de Souza, Robert McLinden, Sodsai Tovanabutra, Agnes Laurence-Chenine, Eric Sanders-Buell, M. Anthony Moody, Mattia Bonsignori, Christina Ochsenbauer, John Kappes, Haili Tang, Kelli Greene, Hongmei Gao, Celia C. LaBranche, Charla Andrews, Victoria R. Polonis, Supachai Rerks-Ngarm, Punnee Pitisuttithum, Sorachai Nitayaphan, Jaranit Kaewkungwal, Steve G. Self, Phillip W. Berman, Donald Francis, Faruk Sinangil, Carter Lee, Jim Tartaglia, Merlin L. Robb, Barton F. Haynes, Nelson L. Michael, and Jerome H. Kim. Magnitude and Breadth of the Neutralizing Antibody Response in the RV144 and Vax003 HIV-1 Vaccine Efficacy Trials. J. Infect. Dis., 206(3):431-441, 1 Aug 2012. PubMed ID: 22634875. Show all entries for this paper.

Jeffries2016 T. L. Jeffries, Jr., C. R. Sacha, J. Pollara, J. Himes, F. H. Jaeger, S. M. Dennison, E. McGuire, E. Kunz, J. A. Eudailey, A. M. Trama, C. LaBranche, G. G. Fouda, K. Wiehe, D. C. Montefiori, B. F. Haynes, H.-X. Liao, G. Ferrari, S. M. Alam, M. A. Moody, and S. R. Permar. The Function and Affinity Maturation of HIV-1 gp120-Specific Monoclonal Antibodies Derived from Colostral B Cells. Mucosal. Immunol., 9(2):414-427, Mar 2016. PubMed ID: 26242599. Show all entries for this paper.

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