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MAb ID 1G7
HXB2 Location Rev(96-105)
Rev Epitope Map
Author Location Rev(95-105)
Epitope GVGSPQILVE Epitope Alignment
GVGSPQILVE epitope logo
Ab Type  
Species (Isotype) mouse(IgG2bκ)
Immunogen vaccine

Vaccine Details

Vaccine type protein
Vaccine component Rev


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Kalland1994 K. H. Kalland, A. M Szilvay, K. A. Brokstad, W. Saetrevik, and G. Haukenes. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Rev Protein Shuttles between the Cytoplasm and Nuclear Compartments. Mol. Cell Biol., 14:7436-7444, 1994. Ten anti-Nef MAbs were generated and mapped. Nef is expressed in two isomorphic forms, and was shown to be expressed mainly in the Golgi complex and at the nuclear membrane, but occasionally x in the nucleus, particularly in MT-4 cells. PubMed ID: 7935458. Show all entries for this paper.

Jensen1997 T. H. Jensen, A. Jensen, A. M. Szilvay, and J. Kjems. Probing the Structure of HIV-1 Rev by Protein Footprinting of Multiple Monoclonal Antibody-Binding Sites. FEBS Lett., 414:50-54, 1997. Rev was mapped using MAb protein footprinting, which gave results that agreed well with peptide mapping, but was useful for identifying a discontinuous interaction between two regions. Footprints supported a previously proposed structure (Auer et al., Biochemistry, 33 (1994) 2988-2996) predicting that a helix-loop-helix motif in Rev brings the termini of the protein into proximity. PubMed ID: 9305730. Show all entries for this paper.

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