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MAb ID 3869
HXB2 Location Env Env Epitope Map
Author Location gp120 (V3)
Ab Type gp120 V3 // V3 glycan (V3g)
Neutralizing tier 1, tier 2  View neutralization details
Species (Isotype) human(IgG1λ)
Immunogen HIV-1 infection
Country Cameroon
Keywords antibody generation, antibody sequence, assay or method development, binding affinity, glycosylation, neutralization, structure, vaccine antigen design, vaccine-induced immune responses, variant cross-reactivity


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Isolation Paper
Gorny2009 Miroslaw K. Gorny, Xiao-Hong Wang, Constance Williams, Barbara Volsky, Kathy Revesz, Bradley Witover, Sherri Burda, Mateusz Urbanski, Phillipe Nyambi, Chavdar Krachmarov, Abraham Pinter, Susan Zolla-Pazner, and Arthur Nadas. Preferential Use of the VH5-51 Gene Segment by the Human Immune Response to Code for Antibodies against the V3 Domain of HIV-1. Mol. Immunol., 46(5):917-926, Feb 2009. PubMed ID: 18952295. Show all entries for this paper.

Andrabi2013 Raiees Andrabi, Constance Williams, Xiao-Hong Wang, Liuzhe Li, Alok K. Choudhary, Naveet Wig, Ashutosh Biswas, Kalpana Luthra, Arthur Nadas, Michael S. Seaman, Phillipe Nyambi, Susan Zolla-Pazner, and Miroslaw K. Gorny. Cross-Neutralizing Activity of Human Anti-V3 Monoclonal Antibodies Derived from Non-B Clade HIV-1 Infected Individuals. Virology, 439(2):81-88, 10 May 2013. PubMed ID: 23466102. Show all entries for this paper.

Crooks2011 Ema T. Crooks, Tommy Tong, Keiko Osawa, and James M. Binley. Enzyme Digests Eliminate Nonfunctional Env from HIV-1 Particle Surfaces, Leaving Native Env Trimers Intact and Viral Infectivity Unaffected. J. Virol., 85(12):5825-5839, Jun 2011. PubMed ID: 21471242. Show all entries for this paper.

Hioe2010 Catarina E. Hioe, Terri Wrin, Michael S. Seaman, Xuesong Yu, Blake Wood, Steve Self, Constance Williams, Miroslaw K. Gorny, and Susan Zolla-Pazner. Anti-V3 Monoclonal Antibodies Display Broad Neutralizing Activities against Multiple HIV-1 Subtypes. PLoS One, 5(4):e10254, 2010. PubMed ID: 20421997. Show all entries for this paper.

Ringe2011 Rajesh Ringe, Deepak Sharma, Susan Zolla-Pazner, Sanjay Phogat, Arun Risbud, Madhuri Thakar, Ramesh Paranjape, and Jayanta Bhattacharya. A Single Amino Acid Substitution in the C4 Region in gp120 Confers Enhanced Neutralization of HIV-1 by Modulating CD4 Binding Sites and V3 Loop. Virology, 418(2):123-132, 30 Sep 2011. PubMed ID: 21851958. Show all entries for this paper.

Totrov2010 Maxim Totrov, Xunqing Jiang, Xiang-Peng Kong, Sandra Cohen, Chavdar Krachmarov, Aidy Salomon, Constance Williams, Michael S. Seaman, Ruben Abagyan, Timothy Cardozo, Miroslaw K. Gorny, Shixia Wang, Shan Lu, Abraham Pinter, and Susan Zolla-Pazner. Structure-Guided Design and Immunological Characterization of Immunogens Presenting the HIV-1 gp120 V3 Loop on a CTB Scaffold. Virology, 405(2):513-523, 30 Sep 2010. PubMed ID: 20663531. Show all entries for this paper.

Wang2013 Wenbo Wang, Jianhui Nie, Courtney Prochnow, Carolyn Truong, Zheng Jia, Suting Wang, Xiaojiang S. Chen, and Youchun Wang. A Systematic Study of the N-Glycosylation Sites of HIV-1 Envelope Protein on Infectivity and Antibody-Mediated Neutralization. Retrovirology, 10:14, 2013. PubMed ID: 23384254. Show all entries for this paper.

Yates2018 Nicole L. Yates, Allan C. deCamp, Bette T. Korber, Hua-Xin Liao, Carmela Irene, Abraham Pinter, James Peacock, Linda J. Harris, Sheetal Sawant, Peter Hraber, Xiaoying Shen, Supachai Rerks-Ngarm, Punnee Pitisuttithum, Sorachai Nitayapan, Phillip W. Berman, Merlin L. Robb, Giuseppe Pantaleo, Susan Zolla-Pazner, Barton F. Haynes, S. Munir Alam, David C. Montefiori, and Georgia D. Tomaras. HIV-1 Envelope Glycoproteins from Diverse Clades Differentiate Antibody Responses and Durability among Vaccinees. J. Virol., 92(8), 15 Apr 2018. PubMed ID: 29386288. Show all entries for this paper.

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