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MAb ID Fab 8062
HXB2 Location Env Env Epitope Map
Author Location gp41
Ab Type  
Species (Isotype)  
Immunogen in vitro stimulation or selection
Keywords antibody binding site, binding affinity, mimotopes, neutralization, structure


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Gustchina2009 Elena Gustchina, John M. Louis, Christian Frisch, Francisco Ylera, Annette Lechner, Carole A. Bewley, and G. Marius Clore. Affinity Maturation by Targeted Diversification of the CDR-H2 Loop of a Monoclonal Fab Derived from a Synthetic Naive Human Antibody Library and Directed against the Internal Trimeric Coiled-Coil of gp41 Yields a Set of Fabs with Improved HIV-1 Neutralization Potency and Breadth. Virology, 393(1):112-119, 10 Oct 2009. PubMed ID: 19695655. Show all entries for this paper.

Gustchina2010 Elena Gustchina, Mi Li, John M. Louis, D. Eric Anderson, John Lloyd, Christian Frisch, Carole A. Bewley, Alla Gustchina, Alexander Wlodawer, and G. Marius Clore. Structural Basis of HIV-1 Neutralization by Affinity Matured Fabs Directed against the Internal Trimeric Coiled-Coil of gp41. PLoS Pathog., 6(11):e1001182, 2010. PubMed ID: 21085615. Show all entries for this paper.

Gustchina2013 Elena Gustchina, Mi Li, Rodolfo Ghirlando, Peter Schuck, John M. Louis, Jason Pierson, Prashant Rao, Sriram Subramaniam, Alla Gustchina, G. Marius Clore, and Alexander Wlodawer. Complexes of Neutralizing and Non-Neutralizing Affinity Matured Fabs with a Mimetic of the Internal Trimeric Coiled-Coil of HIV-1 gp41. PLoS One, 8(11):e78187, 2013. PubMed ID: 24244293. Show all entries for this paper.

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