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MAb ID 8K8
HXB2 Location Env Env Epitope Map
Author Location gp41
Research Contact Michael B. Zwick, The Acripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA,
Ab Type gp41 NHR (N-heptad repeat), gp41 five-helix bundle (one CHR peptide of six helix bundle is missing)
Species (Isotype) rabbit
Immunogen vaccine
Keywords antibody binding site, antibody generation, antibody sequence, binding affinity, neutralization, review, structure, variant cross-reactivity

Vaccine Details

Vaccine type peptide
Vaccine component mimotopes
Adjuvant Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant (IFA)


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Gustchina2008 Elena Gustchina, Carole A. Bewley, and G. Marius Clore. Sequestering of the Prehairpin Intermediate of gp41 by Peptide N36Mut(e,g) Potentiates the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Neutralizing Activity of Monoclonal Antibodies Directed against the N-Terminal Helical Repeat of gp41. J. Virol., 82(20):10032-10041, Oct 2008. PubMed ID: 18667502. Show all entries for this paper.

Gustchina2010 Elena Gustchina, Mi Li, John M. Louis, D. Eric Anderson, John Lloyd, Christian Frisch, Carole A. Bewley, Alla Gustchina, Alexander Wlodawer, and G. Marius Clore. Structural Basis of HIV-1 Neutralization by Affinity Matured Fabs Directed against the Internal Trimeric Coiled-Coil of gp41. PLoS Pathog., 6(11):e1001182, 2010. PubMed ID: 21085615. Show all entries for this paper.

Nelson2008 Josh D. Nelson, Heather Kinkead, Florence M. Brunel, Dan Leaman, Richard Jensen, John M. Louis, Toshiaki Maruyama, Carole A. Bewley, Katherine Bowdish, G. Marius Clore, Philip E. Dawson, Shana Frederickson, Rose G. Mage, Douglas D. Richman, Dennis R. Burton, and Michael B. Zwick. Antibody Elicited against the gp41 N-Heptad Repeat (NHR) Coiled-Coil Can Neutralize HIV-1 with Modest Potency but Non-Neutralizing Antibodies Also Bind to NHR Mimetics. Virology, 377(1):170-183, 20 Jul 2008. PubMed ID: 18499210. Show all entries for this paper.

Leaman2010 Daniel P. Leaman, Heather Kinkead, and Michael B. Zwick. In-Solution Virus Capture Assay Helps Deconstruct Heterogeneous Antibody Recognition of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1. J. Virol., 84(7):3382-3395, Apr 2010. PubMed ID: 20089658. Show all entries for this paper.

Pantophlet2010 Ralph Pantophlet. Antibody Epitope Exposure and Neutralization of HIV-1. Curr. Pharm. Des., 16(33):3729-3743, 2010. PubMed ID: 21128886. Show all entries for this paper.

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