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Record for patient T011

Retrieve all sequences for this patient
Retrieve all sequences for this patient; include time point information
Patient Code T011
Patient Sex M
Risk Factor Not Recorded
Infection Country
Infection City
Infection Year
HLA type
Patient ethnicity
Patient comment
# of patient seqs 21
# of patient timepoints 5
Cluster Name
KP662839 KP662840 KP662841 KP662842 KP662843 KP890746 KP890747 KP890748 KP890749
KP890750 KP890751 KP890752 KP890753 KP890754 KP890755 KP890756 KP890757 KP890758
KP890759 KP890760 KP890761
last modified: Wed Feb 17 09:41 2016

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