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Record for patient T004

Retrieve all sequences for this patient
Retrieve all sequences for this patient; include time point information
Patient Code T004
Patient Sex F
Risk Factor Not Recorded
Infection Country
Infection City
Infection Year
HLA type
Patient ethnicity
Patient comment
# of patient seqs 28
# of patient timepoints 6
Cluster Name
KF578465 KF578466 KF578467 KP662819 KP662820 KP662821 KP662822 KP662823 KP662824
KP683341 KP683342 KP683348 KT124483 KT124490 KT152674 KT152675 KT152676 KT152677
KT152678 KT152679 KT152680 KT152681 KT152682 KT152683 KT152684 KT152685 KT152686
last modified: Wed Feb 17 09:41 2016

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