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1Blast SM051(14169)AF334679SL92BSMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 9613SIV
2Blast SM089(14258)U17646SL92ASMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 825SIV
3Blast Mac5174(3790)U48810SL92a_MACSMMUNITED STATES19928648696 824SIV
4Blast SM051(14169)U48811SL92bSMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 762SIV
5Blast SM042(3791)U48812SL92CSMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 771SIV
6Blast SM079(3792)U48813SL92DSMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 752SIV
7Blast SM085(3793)U48814SL92ESMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 772SIV
8Blast SM087(3794)U48815SL92FSMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 817SIV
9Blast Lib1_SM1(2995)U48816SIVsmLib_1SMMLIBERIA19888648696 779SIV
10Blast Bro85(28476)U48817SIVsmBro85SMMUNITED STATES19858648696 774SIV
11Blast SM089(14258)U48818SL92ASMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 393SIV
12Blast SM051(14169)U48819SL92BSMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 393SIV
13Blast SM042(3791)U48820SL92CSMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 393SIV
14Blast SM079(3792)U48821SL92DSMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 393SIV
15Blast SM085(3793)U48822SL92ESMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 393SIV
16Blast SM087(3794)U48823SL92FSMMSIERRA LEONE19928648696 393SIV
17Blast Lib1_SM1(2995)U48824SIVsmLib_1SMMLIBERIA19888648696 393SIV

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