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1Blast L02272P1ABUNITED STATES8501332 340HIV-1
2Blast L02273P2ABUNITED STATES8501332 340HIV-1
3Blast L02274P3ABUNITED STATES8501332 340HIV-1
4Blast L02275P4ABUNITED STATES8501332 340HIV-1
5Blast L02276P5ABUNITED STATES8501332 340HIV-1
6Blast L02277P6ABUNITED STATES8501332 340HIV-1
7Blast L02278P7ABUNITED STATES8501332 340HIV-1
8Blast L02279P8ABUNITED STATES8501332 340HIV-1
9Blast L02280P9ABUNITED STATES8501332 340HIV-1
10Blast L02281P10ABUNITED STATES8501332 340HIV-1
11Blast L02282D1ABUNITED STATES8501332 349HIV-1
12Blast L02283D2ABUNITED STATES8501332 358HIV-1
13Blast L02284D3ABUNITED STATES8501332 340HIV-1
14Blast L02285D4ABUNITED STATES8501332 361HIV-1
15Blast L02286D5ABUNITED STATES8501332 349HIV-1
16Blast L02287D6ABUNITED STATES8501332 358HIV-1
17Blast L02288D7ABUNITED STATES8501332 358HIV-1
18Blast L02289D8ABUNITED STATES8501332 349HIV-1
19Blast L02290D9ABUNITED STATES8501332 349HIV-1
20Blast L02291D10ABUNITED STATES8501332 349HIV-1
21Blast L02292D11ABUNITED STATES8501332 349HIV-1
22Blast L02293S1ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
23Blast L02294S2ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
24Blast L02295S3ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
25Blast L02296S4ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
26Blast L02297S5ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
27Blast L02298S6ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
28Blast L02299S7ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
29Blast L02300S8ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
30Blast L02301S9ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
31Blast L02302S10ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
32Blast L02303S11ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
33Blast L02304S12ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1
34Blast L02305S13ABUNITED STATES8501332 343HIV-1

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