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1Blast RV21(21154)L21673D703ABUNITED STATES8105071 286HIV-1
2Blast RV21(21154)L21674D703BBUNITED STATES8105071 286HIV-1
3Blast RV21(21154)L21675D704CBUNITED STATES8105071 250HIV-1
4Blast RV21(21154)L21676D705DBUNITED STATES8105071 277HIV-1
5Blast RV21(21154)L21677D706EBUNITED STATES8105071 250HIV-1
6Blast RV21(21154)L21678D708FBUNITED STATES8105071 250HIV-1
7Blast RV21(21154)L21679D713GBUNITED STATES8105071 277HIV-1
8Blast RV21(21154)L21680D715HBUNITED STATES8105071 250HIV-1
9Blast RV21(21154)L21681D718IBUNITED STATES8105071 277HIV-1
10Blast RV21(21154)L21682D712JBUNITED STATES8105071 277HIV-1
11Blast RV21(21154)L21683D719KBUNITED STATES8105071 250HIV-1
12Blast RV21(21154)L21684R504LBUNITED STATES8105071 265HIV-1
13Blast RV21(21154)L21685R525MBUNITED STATES8105071 262HIV-1
14Blast RV21(21154)L21686R528NBUNITED STATES8105071 262HIV-1
15Blast RV21(21154)L21687R530OBUNITED STATES8105071 277HIV-1
16Blast RV21(21154)L21688R510PBUNITED STATES8105071 221HIV-1
17Blast RV21(21154)L21689R508QBUNITED STATES8105071 262HIV-1
18Blast RV21(21154)L21690R511RBUNITED STATES8105071 262HIV-1
19Blast RV21(21154)L21691R519SBUNITED STATES8105071 262HIV-1
20Blast RV21(21154)L216922520TBUNITED STATES8105071 262HIV-1

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