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1Blast U11454LBABUNITED STATES7978698 314HIV-1
2Blast U11455LBBBUNITED STATES7978698 279HIV-1
3Blast U11456LBBBBUNITED STATES7978698 330HIV-1
4Blast U11457LBPTCC1BUNITED STATES7978698 345HIV-1
5Blast U11458LBDBUNITED STATES7978698 318HIV-1
6Blast U11459LBEBUNITED STATES7978698 285HIV-1
7Blast U11460LBFBUNITED STATES7978698 249HIV-1
8Blast U11461LBGBUNITED STATES7978698 231HIV-1
9Blast U11462LBH1BUNITED STATES7978698 270HIV-1
10Blast U11463LBH2BUNITED STATES7978698 270HIV-1
11Blast U11464LBIBUNITED STATES7978698 330HIV-1
12Blast U11465LBJBUNITED STATES7978698 318HIV-1
13Blast U11466LBKBUNITED STATES7978698 321HIV-1
14Blast U11467LBLA01BUNITED STATES7978698 300HIV-1
15Blast U11468LBLA02BUNITED STATES7978698 300HIV-1
16Blast U11469LBLA03BUNITED STATES7978698 301HIV-1
17Blast U11470LBLA04BUNITED STATES7978698 300HIV-1
18Blast U11471LBLA05BUNITED STATES7978698 300HIV-1
19Blast U11472LBLA06BUNITED STATES7978698 300HIV-1
20Blast U11473LBLA07BUNITED STATES7978698 300HIV-1
21Blast U11474LBLA08BUNITED STATES7978698 300HIV-1
22Blast U11475LBLA09BUNITED STATES7978698 300HIV-1
23Blast U11476LBLA010BUNITED STATES7978698 300HIV-1
24Blast U11477LBLA011BUNITED STATES7978698 300HIV-1
25Blast U11478LBMBUNITED STATES7978698 339HIV-1
26Blast U11479LCNBUNITED STATES7978698 270HIV-1
27Blast U11480LBO1BUNITED STATES7978698 315HIV-1
28Blast U11481LBO2BUNITED STATES7978698 237HIV-1
29Blast U11482LBPBUNITED STATES7978698 150HIV-1
30Blast U11483LBQBUNITED STATES7978698 282HIV-1
31Blast U11484RLBRBUNITED STATES7978698 150HIV-1
32Blast U11485LBSDIRBUNITED STATES7978698 312HIV-1
33Blast U11486LBLCTBUNITED STATES7978698 276HIV-1
34Blast U11487LBVBUNITED STATES7978698 330HIV-1
35Blast U11488LBWBUNITED STATES7978698 330HIV-1
36Blast U11489LBYBUNITED STATES7978698 300HIV-1
37Blast U11490LBZBUNITED STATES7978698 318HIV-1

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