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1Blast RU103(30597)U08355RU103AGRUSSIAN FEDERATION7888112 675HIV-1
2Blast RU511(30595)U08356RU511BGRUSSIAN FEDERATION7888112 1344HIV-1
3Blast RU103(30597)U08357RU103CGRUSSIAN FEDERATION7888112 672HIV-1
4Blast RU104(30600)U08358RU104GRUSSIAN FEDERATION7888112 678HIV-1
5Blast RU105(30599)U08359RU105GRUSSIAN FEDERATION7888112 678HIV-1
6Blast RU107(30596)U08360RU107AGRUSSIAN FEDERATION7888112 678HIV-1
7Blast RU107(30596)U08361RU107BGRUSSIAN FEDERATION7888112 699HIV-1
8Blast RU107(30596)U08362RU107CGRUSSIAN FEDERATION7888112 678HIV-1
9Blast RU131(46)U08364RU131GRUSSIAN FEDERATION19927888112 1353HIV-1
10Blast RU509(30598)U08365RU509GRUSSIAN FEDERATION7888112 675HIV-1
11Blast RU511(30595)U08366RU511AGRUSSIAN FEDERATION7888112 687HIV-1
12Blast RU511(30595)U08367RU511BGRUSSIAN FEDERATION7888112 687HIV-1
13Blast RU570(16760)U08368RU570GRUSSIAN FEDERATION19927888112 1335HIV-1
14Blast RU131(46)U5129593ru131GRUSSIAN FEDERATION19927888112 706HIV-1

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