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1Blast P1114(37840)HM771412P1114_C98_15BUNITED STATES199821159865 2445HIV-1
2Blast P1114(37840)HM771413P1114_C98_18BUNITED STATES199821159865 2445HIV-1
3Blast P1114(37840)HM771414P1114_C98_27BUNITED STATES199821159865 2445HIV-1
4Blast P1114(37840)HM771415P1114_C98_28BUNITED STATES199821159865 2445HIV-1
5Blast P1114(37840)HM771416P1114_C98_67BUNITED STATES199821159865 2445HIV-1
6Blast NA118(15851)HM771417NA118_B12BUNITED KINGDOM21159865 2491HIV-1
7Blast NA118(15851)HM771418NA118_LN27BUNITED KINGDOM21159865 2482HIV-1
8Blast NA118(15851)HM771419NA118_LN33BUNITED KINGDOM21159865 2464HIV-1
9Blast NA176(34502)HM771420NA176_B72BUNITED KINGDOM21159865 2467HIV-1
10Blast NA176(34502)HM771421NA176_B93BUNITED KINGDOM21159865 2467HIV-1
11Blast NA353(34503)HM771422NA353_B27BUNITED KINGDOM21159865 2446HIV-1
12Blast 6568(47449)HM7714236568FL5_2_209BUNITED STATES200421159865 2964HIV-1

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