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SELECT DISTINCT SE_id, PAT_code, SSAM_PAT_id, SA_GenBankAccession, SSAM_common_name, SSAM_subtype, SSAM_Sample_country, SSAM_Sample_year ,PUB_pubmedEntry, SSAM_region, SE_sequenceLength, SSAM_organism FROM SequenceEntry INNER JOIN SequenceAccessions ON SequenceEntry.SE_id=SequenceAccessions.SA_SE_id INNER JOIN SEQ_SAMple ON SequenceEntry.SE_id=SEQ_SAMple.SSAM_SE_id LEFT JOIN MapImage ON SequenceEntry.SE_id=MapImage.MI_SE_id LEFT JOIN PATient ON SEQ_SAMple.SSAM_PAT_id=PATient.PAT_id INNER JOIN SE_PUB_Link ON SequenceEntry.SE_id=SE_PUB_Link.SPL_SE_id INNER JOIN PUBlication ON SE_PUB_Link.SPL_PUB_id=PUBlication.PUB_id WHERE ( (PUB_pubmedEntry = 20852643) ) and ( ( SSAM_badseq <1 ) ) AND SSAM_status=0 ORDER BY SA_GenBankAccession
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