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1Blast M79279SIVmneM87004_PCR11MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1186SIV
2Blast M79280PCR110MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1192SIV
3Blast M79281PCR111MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1184SIV
4Blast M79282PCR112MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1177SIV
5Blast M79283PCR12MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1184SIV
6Blast M79284PCR13MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1178SIV
7Blast M79285PCR14MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1180SIV
8Blast M79286PCR15MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1211SIV
9Blast M79287PCR16MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1196SIV
10Blast M79288PCR17MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1193SIV
11Blast M79289PCR18MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1211SIV
12Blast M79290PCR18AMNEUNITED STATES1942255 1196SIV
13Blast M79291PCR21MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1190SIV
14Blast M79292PCR210MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1157SIV
15Blast M79293PCR22MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1187SIV
16Blast M79294PCR23MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1186SIV
17Blast M79295PCR24MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1187SIV
18Blast M79296PCR25MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1157SIV
19Blast M79297PCR26MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1156SIV
20Blast M79298PCR27MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1156SIV
21Blast M79299PCR28MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1156SIV
22Blast M79300PCR29MNEUNITED STATES1942255 1157SIV

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