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1Blast 00836(13772)EF117265HIV_00836_2CINDIA200019167740 2568HIV-1
2Blast 001428(30602)EF117266HIV_001428_2CINDIA200019167740 2598HIV-1
3Blast 0013095(30603)EF117267HIV_0013095_2CINDIA200019167740 2604HIV-1
4Blast 16055(13775)EF117268HIV_16055_2CINDIA199919167740 2577HIV-1
5Blast 16845(13777)EF117269HIV_16845_2CINDIA199919167740 2622HIV-1
6Blast 16936(13778)EF117270HIV_16936_2CINDIA199919167740 2556HIV-1
7Blast 25710(15850)EF117271HIV_25710_2CINDIA199919167740 2568HIV-1
8Blast 25711(13780)EF117272HIV_25711_2CINDIA199919167740 2568HIV-1
9Blast 25925(13781)EF117273HIV_25925_2CINDIA199919167740 2571HIV-1
10Blast 26191(30604)EF117274HIV_26191_2CINDIA200019167740 2541HIV-1

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