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1Blast CT01(19531)EF042794CT01_0599BUNITED STATES199917396993 1116HIV-1
2Blast CT01(19531)EF042795CT01_0799BUNITED STATES199917396993 1116HIV-1
3Blast CT01(19531)EF042796CT01_0200BUNITED STATES200017396993 1116HIV-1
4Blast CT01(19531)EF042797CT01_0101BUNITED STATES200117396993 1116HIV-1
5Blast CT01(19531)EF042798CT01_1201BUNITED STATES200117396993 1116HIV-1
6Blast CT01(19531)EF042799CT01_0502BUNITED STATES200217396993 1116HIV-1
7Blast CT01(19531)EF042800CT01_0802BUNITED STATES200217396993 1116HIV-1
8Blast CT01(19531)EF042801CT01_0503BUNITED STATES200317396993 1077HIV-1
9Blast CT02(19532)EF042802CT02_0901BUNITED STATES200117396993 1116HIV-1
10Blast CT02(19532)EF042803CT02_0104BUNITED STATES200417396993 1116HIV-1
11Blast NYC(19530)EF042804NY_0105BUNITED STATES200517396993 1116HIV-1
12Blast CT02(19532)EF095405CT02BUNITED STATES200417396993 1212HIV-1
13Blast CT01(19531)EF103915CT_01BUNITED STATES200417396993 1183HIV-1

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