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1Blast CM53392(1190)AF372392CM5339237_cpxCAMEROON199716284528 567HIV-1
2Blast CM53392(1190)AF377957CM5339237_cpxCAMEROON199716284528 8896HIV-1
3Blast CU7(14016)AF425388CU719_cpxCUBA199916284528 960HIV-1
4Blast CU38(1847)AF425419CU3819_cpxCUBA199916284528 961HIV-1
5Blast CU7(14016)AF425493CU719_cpxCUBA199916284528 306HIV-1
6Blast CU38(1847)AF425523CU3819_cpxCUBA199916284528 309HIV-1
7Blast CU38(1847)AY588970CU3819_cpxCUBA199916284528 8693HIV-1
8Blast CU29(1795)AY588971CU2919_cpxCUBA199916284528 9098HIV-1
9Blast CU7(14016)AY894994CU719_cpxCUBA199916284528 8512HIV-1
10Blast CU64(1871)AY894995CU641819CUBA199916284528 8879HIV-1
11Blast CU67(1874)AY894996CU67ADGUCUBA199916284528 6984HIV-1

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