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HIV Genome Browser

Purpose: To display graphic views of the HIV genome and proteome, allowing the juxtaposition and exploration of multiple types of data. Details in Help.

Starting Points

These are just starting examples; within the genome browser, you can move between any of these views.

Nucleotide-level example views:

Protein-level example views:

Quick Tips
  • Mouseovers! Look for mouseovers to guide you.
  • Click and right-click! Features link to loads of information and analysis via click and right-click. If your mouse doesn't have right-click, use Ctrl-click.
  • Zoom! There are several ways to zoom in/out. Some features can only be seen when zoomed-in or zoomed-out.
  • For details about this interface, see HIV Genome Browser Help.
  • Watch the screencast video on the JBrowse website.


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