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Sequence Structure Analysis Color Schemes

Color scheme of hydrophobicity

Rose (1) Kyte and Doolittle (2) Wolfenden (3) Janin (4)
First group C I,V,L G,I,L,V,A C Blue
Second group F,I,V,L,M,W F,C,M,A F,C,M I,V,L,F,M,A,G,W Aqua
Third group H,Y,A,G,T G,T,S,W,Y,P T,S,W,Y H,S,T,P,Y,N,D,Q,E green
Fourth group S,P,R,N,Q,D,E H,N,Q,D,E,K N,K,Q,E,H,D R Yellow
Fifth group K R R K Purple

The rank of hydrophobicity decreases going down the column.


  1. G. Rose, A. Geselowitz, G. Lesser, R. Lee and M. Zehfus, Hydrophobicity of Amino Acid Residues in Globular Proteins, Science 229(1985)834-838.
  2. J. Kyte and R. Doolittle, A Simple Method for Displaying the Hydropathic Character of a Protein, J. Mol Biol. 157(1982)105-132.
  3. R. Wolfenden, L. Andersson, P. Cullis and C. Southgate, Affinities of Amino Acid Side Chains for Solvent Water, Biochemistry 20(1981)849-855.
  4. J. Janin, Surface and Inside Volumes in Globular Proteins, Nature, 277(1979)491-492.



Color scheme of chemical classification

Positively charged group K,H,R Navy
Amidic group (containing amide group) N,Q Blue
Aliphatic group A,G,L,I,P,V Aqua
Aromatic group F,W,Y green
Sulphur containing group C,M Orange
Hydroxylic group S,T Maroon
Negatively charged group D,E Red

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