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Search Interface retrieves HIV and SIV sequences, which can then be aligned and used to build trees

Geography Search Interface retrieves HIV sequences based on geographical distribution

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HIV Premade Alignments includes Consensus and Ancestral Sequences, Subtype Reference Alignments, and Complete Alignments


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Variable Region Characteristics
Our new tool, Variable Region Characteristics, characterizes features within a peptide excised from a protein alignment, summarizing and reporting the following peptide characteristics: length, number of N-linked glycosylation sites. It is particularly useful for characterizing hypervariable regions in Env. 10 April 2014

CATNAP: Compile, Analyze, and Tally Neutralizing Antibody Panels
Our new tool, CATNAP compiles IC50 and IC80 neutralization panel data for HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies. It provides tools for meta-analysis of neutralization panel data and viral Envelope sequences. 26 February 2014

HIV Genome Browser
Our new visualization tool, Genome Browser, is a customization of JBrowse designed to provide graphic views of the HIV genome and proteome. It incorporates many sources of data from the HIV Sequence and Immunology Databases, including epitopes, entropy, functional domains, and many features of interest. 26 February 2014

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