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Special Interest Data:
Belgian Transmission Chain


Study of 9 patients with known transmission chain and treatment histories. Includes alignments of env and pol sequences.


Alignment - env 12 env gp41 sequences from 9 patients (Fasta format)
Alignment - pol 16 pol sequences from 9 patients (Fasta format)

  • Alignments provided by authors.
  • Sequences correspond to accession numbers:
    AF338984, AF338990, AF338992, AF338997, AF339013, AF339017 (pol local control sequences)
    AY749169 to AY749181 (pol transmission chain sequences)
    AY749182 to AY749196 (pol local control sequences)
    AY749197 to AY749208 (env gp41 transmission chain sequences)
  • Transmission chain and treatment histories are presented in the primary reference.
Primary reference

Lemey, P., Derdelinckx, I., Rambaut, A., Van Laethem, K., Dumont, S., Vermeulen, S., Van Wijngaerden, E., Vandamme, A.M.
Molecular footprint of drug-selective pressure in a human immunodeficiency virus transmission chain.
J Virol 2005 79(18): 11981-11989.
PMID 16140774

Additional studies that used these data

O'Brien JD, Minin VN, Suchard MA.
Learning to count: robust estimates for labeled distances between molecular sequences.
Mol Biol Evol. 2009 Apr;26(4):801-14.
PMID 19131426

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