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Format Converter v2.3.5

Purpose: This program takes as input a sequence or sequences (e.g., an alignment) in an unspecified format and converts the sequence(s) to a different user-specified format.

Before you use this tool please read the Details section below.

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Convert Genbank to GFF3
Set sequence base nucleotide amino acid auto detect
Select output format
Output line width 50 characters as wide as possible
Enforce sequence name uniqueness (when duplicated or truncated, e.g. phylip format truncates the names after 10 characters)


Details: The format of the input file is automatically detected. The resulting converted file may be downloaded. Please write us if we are missing a format that you find useful, or if you find mistakes in our conversions.

Please note that this program will generate Pretty Print and Relaxed Phylip (sequential and interleaved) output if selected, but will not accept input files in these formats. The relaxed Phylip format is unique to the Format Converter tool. It is called 'relaxed' because it will generate a Phylip formatted file where sequence names can be longer than 10 characters.

One final note about sequence names: certain formats limit the length of sequence names. Specifically,

  • Phylip limits sequence names to a maximum of 10 characters and
  • SLX limits sequence names to a maximum of 32 characters.
Any sequence names longer than that will be truncated in the format conversion process which can result in non-unique sequence names in the generated output. If you need to preserve the uniqueness of your sequence names please use the check box labeled 'Enforce sequence name uniqueness' in the 'Options' panel.

For more details, see Format Converter Explanation. For descriptions of some common sequence formats, see Common Sequence Formats.

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Known Bugs: For known bugs click here.

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