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Duplicate Sequence Removal

Purpose: Given an alignment or set of unaligned nucleotide or protein sequences, this tool compares the sequences and eliminates any duplicates or very similar sequences, thus producing a set of unique sequences.

Note: This program needs an alignment. If your sequences are NOT aligned, please uncheck the box at the bottom of the Input block. Adding an alignment step slows the program down dramatically.

For more details, see ElimDupes Explanation.

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Uncheck if your sequences are not aligned (this will take much longer)

Remove extraneous characters from sequences Yes No
Make all letters uppercase Yes No
Consider subsequences as duplicates Yes No
Restore original sequences in output Yes No
Eliminate sequences more similar than %
To analyze input by groups enter number of leading digits
Create a file of unique sequences with
_count added to the sequence name
Yes No       Use .rank_count format: Yes No      
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