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Antiviral Drug Resistance Analysis

Please note: We have not been maintaining ADRA for many years now. For an actively maintained database of drug resistance mutations in HIV please see: Stanford Drug Resistance Database.

This interface can be used to find mutations associated with anti-HIV drug resistance in protease, reverse transcriptase, integrase, and envelope sequences. It accepts a nucleotide or amino acid sequence as input, translates it to amino acids if necessary, matches it to the right region using BLAST, and produces an alignment as well as a table of resistance-associated mutations, with links to additional information on those mutations in the HIV Resistance Database.

Paste in your FastA formatted sequence(s) or select a file containing the sequence or alignment. Select 'protein' or 'nucleotide' for whichever you have submitted, choose a referent sequence to compare your query against from our library, and run the program. For additional information, see

Paste sequence or alignment

Or upload sequence file
Indicate if protein (PRO) or nucleotide (NT)
Select which referent sequence you would like to compare your sequence(s) against

Note: the program may take several minutes to run.

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