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Antiviral Drug Resistance Analysis

Please note: We have not been maintaining ADRA for many years now. For an actively maintained database of drug resistance mutations in HIV please see: Stanford Drug Resistance Database.

This interface can be used to find mutations associated with anti-HIV drug resistance in protease, reverse transcriptase, integrase, and envelope sequences. It accepts a nucleotide or amino acid sequence as input, translates it to amino acids if necessary, matches it to the right region using BLAST, and produces an alignment as well as a table of resistance-associated mutations, with links to additional information on those mutations in the HIV Resistance Database.

Paste in your FastA formatted sequence(s) or select a file containing the sequence or alignment. Select 'protein' or 'nucleotide' for whichever you have submitted, choose a referent sequence to compare your query against from our library, and run the program. For additional information, see

Paste sequence or alignment
[Sample Input]

Or upload sequence file
Indicate if protein (PRO) or nucleotide (NT)
Select which referent sequence you would like to compare your sequence(s) against

Note: the program may take several minutes to run.

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