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ADRA: Antiviral Drug Resistance Analysis

Note: Read before use

We have not been maintaining ADRA for many years now. For an actively maintained database of drug resistance mutations in HIV please see: Stanford Drug Resistance Database.

The Los Alamos resistance database, which is the basis for ADRA, was created as a reference for researchers in the field of HIV drug resistance. It is a summary of the drug resistance mutations that were defined in the literature as of ~2008. ADRA can be used to help researchers rapidly find studies related to a mutation of interest. It was never intended, nor is it appropriate, for use in clinical decisions about antiretroviral therapy. Only a minority of entries in the table have been clinically validated.

You are advised to use this program to supplement other sources of information, and users should carefully inspect the original citations provided by the links to check that the very basic interpretation shown in the summary table is adequate.

This software is made available on a 'best effort' basis. Although we have made every effort to ensure that the hyperlinks found for any sequence are accurate, their completeness and accuracy will ultimately be defined by the quality of the submitted sequence and will be limited to the studies reviewed in the database.

Submitted sequences and results are held on the Los Alamos server for no more than 24 hours after submission and are then automatically deleted. The web connection is NOT secure, however, and it is your responsibility to ensure that submitted sequences do not contain any case numbers, patient details, or other identifiers that could breach confidentiality.


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